Zhengzhou Kingorgchem Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.


Our company is dedicated to research, production and sales of chiral phosphorus ligands, organophosphorus ligands and related functional intermediates and pharmaceutical intermediates. Basing on the features of our company and the demands of products, we have compiled the QC brochure and related procedure files to audit the QC system for all colleagues and the whole production procedure from lab research to commerical production. Matured research, technologies and high quality products can meet the quality demand of our customers.

As always, our company is dedicated to:
◆Insist on service innovation, pursue full satisfaction and excellent experience of our customers;
◆Insist on technology innovation, keep developing the quality of products and service.

Analysis instruments include NMR, GC-MS, LC-MS, KF, GC, HPLC, IR and Polarimeter, etc.